"Pinoy Dream Academy" scholars intensely preparing for grand finals

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Now that the Grand Dream Nights are just a few days away, the Top 6 Scholars of "Pinoy Dream Academy Season 2" are undergoing intense training from all their mentors.

The final week before the much-awaited commencement exercises proves to be a tough one as the Dream Mentors are making sure that this season's crème de la crème have not forgotten everything they've learned about performing.

Teacher Kitchy has been busy polishing the Top 6's singing techniques for the past few days. With the help of Teacher Monet, she has been pointing out the things that the Top 6 are still doing wrong and reminding them of the proper ways of correcting them.

Meanwhile, Teacher Maribeth hasn't changed her stern and strict manner of teaching. She has been pushing the Scholars to perfect their choreography for the Grand Dream Nights, reminding them that the two-night finale is going to be the culmination of every single lesson they have learned in their three-month stay inside the Academy.

Voting for the Top 6 Scholars is still very much open. To support your favorite, key in PDA space BUGOY, PDA space LAARNI, PDA space MIGUEL, PDA space LIEZEL, PDA space VAN, or PDA space CRIS on your cellphones and send to 231 for Smart and Talk & Text, and Addict Mobile subscribers, and 2331 for Globe, TM, Sun, and Bayan subscribers. You can also vote online thru www.pinoydreamacademy.com.ph
Voting officially ends on September 14, 1 PM, on ASAP '08.