Miguel of "Pinoy Dream Academy" performs at Duty Free

Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Top 6 Scholars' special assignments for "Pinoy Dream Academy Season 2" includes Dream BIGayan, a chance for the scholars to donate to their favorite charity.

These assignments are still being carried out days before the Grand Dream Nights and for Miguel's part, he had the opportunity to perform at Duty Free with the Shadow Rondalia.

Miguel got the chance to leave the Academy one afternoon to fulfill his assignment for Dream BIGayan. He was transported to Duty Free where the Shadow Rondalia, a group of talented blind men who play the guitar, mandolin, and other stringed instruments, awaited him. The ensemble was there to accompany Miguel in his mini-concert for a cause.

After rehearsing with the Shadow Rondalia, Miguel went on to the stage for his first one-man show geared toward raising funds for his chosen charity, the Mindanao Emergency Response Network Thru Mindanao Tulong Bakwet.

An appreciative crowd who gave cash donations to be able to take part in the noble cause, welcomed Miguel's gig at Duty Free. By the end of the show, the total money raised was an impressive P24,690, a part of which was given to the Shadow Rondalia.