Top 6 are ready for the Grand Dream Night

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Top 6 scholars Miguel, Van, Cris, Bugoy, Laarni and Liezel have been practicing nonstop for the Grand Dream Night and are highly anticipating the culminating event. Each employed different means of preparing for their solo performances and believed that they were well-equipped to be the Grand Star Dreamer.

In preparation for the big night, Miguel and Cris conserved their voices and also prayed intently for smooth-sailing productions. Liezel and Laarni on the other hand devoted time to practicing. While Van was more concerned about memorizing the choreography, Bugoy conditioned himself and already internalized his numbers.

Miguel was ready to showcase everything he has learned from day one until the last. He believed that he deserved to be the Grand Star Dreamer since he had talent aside from possessing musical and hosting skills.

A more confident Liezel is to be expected on the upcoming Dream Night. The Pride of Puerto Galera was proud of her exotic features and her distinct voice and knew that this was a factor to stand out in the industry

Bugoy on the other hand was more focused on entertaining his fans. He felt that he had improved a lot and he deserves to be the ultimate winner.

Meanwhile, a more sensual and captivating Cris is also one of the things to look forward to. Several weeks in the Academy has changed her beliefs and perceptions in life. In fact, the Singing Interior Designer would want to contribute more to her charity once she leaves the Academy.

Van is determined to give his best in his final performance to be worthy of the peopleĆ¢€™s votes. Apart from his dashing look, he knew that his ability to command on stage was an essential characteristic of a winner.

Laarni is ready to give her all on the Grand Dream Night. Though everyone was deserving of the Grand Star Dreamer title, she knew that she had what it takes to be the champion since she had the spirit and the drive. She was able to rise from the trials she experienced in the Academy and she believed that a willful spirit was crucial in the industry.