PDA bottom 3: a long showbiz career

Friday, September 19, 2008

Laarni Lozada was voted Pinoy Dream Academy (PDA) Season II Grand Star Dreamer (to the wonderment and disappointment of Bugoy Drilon?).

Of course, being a Cebuano, I rooted for Van Roxas (remember the campaign I headed here?) but then maybe the rest of the tele-viewers thought that Van already has the smoldering looks and, if he becomes the grand winner, that would be too much in his favor. Hindi naman siya lang ang anak ng Diyos, no?

My other bet was Liezel Garcia, she with the exotic beauty and clean, distinctive voice. It’s a given that all the PDA scholars, including those who were voted out and those who made their exits voluntarily, have the makings of great singers.

But Liezel to me simply still stands out.

At first, I tolerated Bugoy’s antics and actuations but later they became distracting and irritating. I also noticed that he has become self-conscious and “feeling artista already,” to quote a friend, several days before the grand night.

Add to this the glaring favoritism by the mentors, ao my dislike for him grew night after night. I can still remember that scene where teachers Monet and Kitchie danced like fools while singing Alleluia after Bugoy delivered the song they wanted. Shame on them!

My reaction on his declaration that “in my heart I am still the Grand Star Dreamer”? No way!

While the top three winners (Miguel Mendoza completes the list) will enjoy the cash prizes and the other items that go with the top slots, I have this strong hunch that it will be the bottom three (Chris “Cris” Pastor, Liezel and Van) who will enjoy a longer stay in show business.